Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Fun Snow Day

So this morning after oohing and ahhing over the snow it was time to get to work, so I shovelled the stairs while the boys had a snowball fight (duh). Then we had to go up to the Y to Target and PetSmart, where we bought 80 (!) cans of cat food. While we were out there we had lunch at this mexican place called Azteca. I had heard some good and some not as good things about that place, but it was good enough. It reminded me of El Indio at the Del Monte Center in Monterey, and also of El Torito on Cannery Row. Max had his camera, which always ends up being fun. Here is a silly little video of us at the restaurant:

After we got home, Leo and I took a walk through our neighborhood and over to the bluff to see the valley. It's cool how snow seems to make everything monochromatic.

I love my neighborhood!

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Jennifer said...

The video is so very Beavis and Butthead. Love it!