Sunday, July 02, 2006

Coming Up For Air

Well we got the internet back today finally, so here I am in Spokane! The 2 day trip up here was uneventful, the 3 cats did a lot better than I expected them to so I consider the move a smashing success. We got here last Monday night and immediately went to Lowe's to get a refrigerator since there wasn't one here. I got one with an icemaker and water dispenser with a filter, and I love it! The water is so good and cool, and smoothies are MUCH easier to make with crushed ice. And may I just say about my house that I love love love it!
My sister SusanLynn left yesterday after helping me all week unpack and set up the infrastructure of the house. She ran me ragged but boy did we get a lot accomplished! There is still a lot to do but I am going by the motto Slow And Steady Wins The Race.
Speaking of mottos, our motto this week as we were driving around Spokane was a variation of my brother's saying, ours was "if we don't know where we're going, then we can't be lost". We went to a lot of stores and other places this week, I would get there and usually overshoot the entrance and have to go around the block to get back to it. I did it so often that I was referring to it as satellite driving, I would orbit a place once or twice before landing. But I notice today that I am getting a bit better at finding my way around, being in the correct lane, etc.
Also I have already had a social engagement with my new friend and neighbor Faythe, we went to this totally great yarn store. It will be fun getting to know her better along with the other people I have met here. Next Sunday I will be trying a church called Life Center, it seems like a great place.
So, I have a new email address, if you post a comment I will email you with it since I don't remember right now what it is! And as things settle down for us you can expect the phone calls to begin!


Jennifer said...

Of course I want your new email address! So glad you made it here safely.

Supper club is at my house July 23rd. We're doing a mint theme and my friend Heather is going to be here showing of Body Shop's peppermint foot line.

Faythe said...

Leaving a comment so I can get your email address!

Oh, and welcome to Spokane. Looking forward to shopping with someone who won't complain about my love of browsing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gang,
Glad you made it.
Give me a call.
Uncle Rick

Michele said...

Send me the email address please! Welcome again.

Anonymous said...

Glad you all are there safe and sound!Your refrigerator sounds wonderful--now let's get to work on filling it with yummy stuff!

The Mathews family sends many well wishes. We miss our little Leo.

Send us your email address.


Sara said...

Hello fellow supper clubber. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I ran you ragged but just think you could still be without a refrigerator or worse, plain old tap water or no home for your silverware or, even worse, no cool two- tone wood dining room chairs! These things really don't make your home lovely. Your house is beautiful because you're in it!! Love and miss you! I;d like your new email address too!
Your sister