Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yesterday Was A Big Day

It started with a home inspection which included a visit from the future owners of my house and their realtor. It took almost 3 hours, during which time we kind of got to know one another and I got to tell them the history of my family home and why things are the way they are. Such as the reason that the counters are so high in the back bathroon is that my brother is very tall and they built them with him in mind. Stuff like that. The new owners seem like very nice people and I'm confident that my house will be in good hands. I also informed them about the handprints of my brother and sister in the cement in the back patio. They are dated 1953, that would put my brother and sister's ages at 6 and 4, respectively. I told the new owners that if they ever want to get rid of the handprints to please call my sister, because she will come down with a cement saw and take them out, and they said that they like them and plan on keeping them just where they are. Apparently this was not enough reassurance for my sister, who came to Max's graduation party last night armed with a bucket of plaster of paris and the intention to take a casting of said handprints. (She has had handprint issues ever since her boys' handprints were mistakenly jackhammered up during some backyard landscaping.) At first I was hesitant because we had no earthly idea what we were doing, but then my brother chimed in with this pearl of wisdom--"If we all don't know what we're doing, we can't make a mistake!" This seemed to make sense at the time so we forged ahead after a perusal of the internet, which only gave vague information on the casting of animal tracks. Long story short, it sort of worked. I'd supply pictures, but they all came out blurry, either I had a sudden onset of Parkinson's disease or I mistakenly changed the settings on my camera.
Unfortunately, I realized this today, after Max's graduation ceremony! Which was entertaining as usual. I don't know if this happens at other schools' graduation ceremonies, but here's how Monterey High's goes. The entire duration of the ceremony the graduating class sitting on the field is surreptitiously blowing up beach balls and batting them around the field, all the while trying to keep them from faculty members which are posted around the perimeter of the graduates' seating area. Faculty members who's sole purpose is to seek and destroy said beach balls. When one of the seniors gets a beach ball aloft there are great cheers from the seniors and the audience and then all activity at the speech podium stops while a teacher runs around trying to intercept it, which they finally do amid groans from the crowd. Then the ceremony can continue. It makes for a longish but fun graduation. After the ceremony we all came here and ate pizza and cakes from Rosine's. All in all it was a very nice day, filled with friends, family and fun, and the last get together we will have in this house. Now I can REALLY start packing!

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