Monday, July 10, 2006

Sorry Jennifer

About six months or more ago, I was looking for information about my future city Spokane, specifically I was looking for restaurant reviews. I found this blog calledSpokane Reviewed by a guy going by the name of Remi. His restaurant reviews were very well written and it made me look forward to moving so I could try the restaurants, cafes and taco trucks he recommended. Over time I found out that he was the husband of Jennifer, whose blog I had already found and who invited me to join the Sunday Night Supper Club once I moved here. I have met Jennifer on more than one occasion, but I have yet to meet Remi.
So, we have been here in Spokane now for about two weeks. So far we have tried the Tacos from the Tacos Tumbras taco truck, the pork Tacos from the Elk Restaurant, and tonight we tried Gordy's Sechuan Restaurant. It was sooooo good! My son Max is aware of Remi's blog and his reviews and has wholeheartedly agreed with Remi's suggestions. In Max's eyes, Remi is 3 for 3, and Max has coined a new phrase--"Remi Is Always Right". Tomorrow, Max is going to get his hair cut at Northwest Beauty, which is also Remi Recommended. Max says that if it wasn't for Remi, he would be "eating bad chinese food with a bad haircut. Remi Juan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" Oh Brother.


Jennifer said...

*laugh* Remi is always right! He's going to like that.

His stylist has moved on from Northwest Beauty though, so if you need her number and new salon let me know.

DishSpokane claims Weldon is the place to go for a haircut.

Remi said...

Well, I AM always right, it's just everybody else who are wrong.

And even though there has been a mass exodus from NW Beauty, I will say that I've never gotten a bad cut there from any of their hairdressers.

4 for 4 definitely.