Friday, July 21, 2006

Stuff I want to say

1) Thank God for air conditioning! It is 98 here today and it will be in the 100's for the weekend and beyond. I have been good and tried not to use the central AC too much for fear of the electric bill, but once it gets to be about 95 I don't care anymore. If I die of shock after seeing the electric bill, at least it won't be in a pool of sweat. Speaking of this weekend...

2) The Sunday Night Supper Club is meeting this Sunday, the theme is mint. We are having minty pedicures and all the dishes will have mint in them. I am making Minty Mango Salsa. Today I am going to the store and buying my first mango. Say a prayer for me tomorrow as I make my first salsa, and use mint and mango for the first time in a recipe.

3) Leo got a computer and Max hooked him up to AOL instant messager, and now he can talk to all his friends in Monterey. This is very good news for all concerned. Leo has been mopey and relying on me to entertain him, so now I can get a break.

4) Steve and Sara are moving today into their new house! This is GREAT news, and the realization of a dream for them. I wish them much happiness in their new home. In related news...

5) This means that Max can move downstairs into his place. Again, great news because it means that I can use my computer without waiting for him to get off of it, and best of all...

(cue choir of angels)

6) I get to have my office and craft room to myself!!!! This is HUGE! I'm so excited to have a place of my own, it is going to be all girly and country-like, I can't wait!!! WOO-HOO!!!

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