Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Too Much Excitement of the Wrong Kind

This morning I let our cat Blossom outside. Apparently after a while she wanted to get back in but all the doors were closed. So she took matters into her own paws. I went into my room to get dressed and I looked out the second-story window and there was Blossom high up in the tree on the side of my house, ready to jump into my bedroom window, which was open but has a screen on it. Well, I don't want her to jump so I got away from the window and ran downstairs to try to lure her down the tree. Meanwhile, all my shouting wakes Leo up and he goes into my room and sees his cat in the tree. Blossom sees her boy standing in the window and even though I'm under the tree calling her, she jumped over to the window and was hanging on the screen. This cannot end well. Leo doesn't know what to do, he can't take the screen out now because Blossom is on it. She has nowhere to go but down, and her grip is slipping. I position myself under her, thinking that even if I was able to catch her, that she was going to scratch the crap out of me one way or the other. Blossom is getting more and more panicky and is trying to scratch her way up the house with her hind claws, and it is not working. After what seems like an eternity, she drops. Fast. Too fast for me to catch her. She lands on her hind legs right at my feet and jumps up and runs. She runs to the middle of the driveway and just stands there, panting with her mouth wide open, like she had just seen her life flash in front of her but was spared. I was worried that she might be hurt, but she landed ok and wasn't limping or meowing in pain. After standing in the driveway for a minute, she just goes into the house and lays down LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED! Leo and I are by this time totally freaked out from what just happened and are crowding around Blossom, who at this point couldn't care less. ARRRRGGGHH!! We are hoping that she does not try that again, that she remembers how scared she was and that she will just end up falling, but who knows what a cat's memory is like about that kind of stuff. All I know is that I do not want a repeat performance of this morning. I don't think we can take it.

Blossom's opinion on the events of this morning.

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Faythe said...

Awww. Poor Kitty! I'm glad she's okay.