Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where Dreams Can Come True!

I subscribe to two magazines, Cottage Living, and my all time favorite magazine ever, Country Living. I peruse it's pages and dream of someday having a little country home of my own, decorated with fresh flowers, weathered wood furniture and overstuffed chairs and couches slipcovered with faded floral prints. Alas, for now it is just a dream. My new house is less than 10 years old, a sign of practicality and the reality that at this point in my life I do not want to do the repairs and upkeep on an older house. But maybe someday.
So I keep on reading Country Living magazine. Recently there have been some new contributors to the mag, and they are Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson, better known as The Farm Chicks. They have a huge country antique sale twice a year in Fairfield, WA, not far from Spokane. I will miss their upcoming show this month, but I'll be at the September one for sure. Anyway, I have been aware of the Farm Chicks for quite a while, so I was very happy to see their design ideas gracing the pages of my favorite mag.
Yesterday I received the June issue, and as I'm looking through it my attention is drawn to a sweet picture of a country rose floral arrangement set in a vintage wicker purse. Isn't that darling, I say to myself. Then I read the caption, which I am going to quote and hope I don't violate any copyright laws!

"Buds for a buddy look especially appealing presented in an out-of-the-ordinary container. Here, Serena Thompson proffers fresh picked roses in a vintage wicker purse lined with a bread pan containing water-soaked floral foam. "Imagine giving this to a friend who's just moved," says Serena, who developed the idea with fellow Farm Chick Teri Edwards. "It instantly brightens a room."

Dear Farm Chicks--What a coincidence! In July, I will be "a friend who's just moved"--to Spokane! Can you imagine giving me an appealing floral arrangement? I can! I'm sure it will instantly brighten any room in my house!! Thanks! Love your new friend Karla
PS- Or I will take a cake like the ones you made in the May issue, it's totally up to you!

Hey, a little creative grovelling never hurt anyone!

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