Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun Is Where You Find It

This post is about my morning cup of coffee. A little while back I got a
Senseo coffee maker, which I totally love! They use coffee pods, I guess if that makes me a pod person then I'm okay with that. Anyway, shortly after I got the Senseo I was reading on a coffee website about milk frothers so I got myself one and let me tell you I am so spoiled with my homemade nonfat lattes at home that I will never get outside coffee again if I have a choice. I have saved a lot of money, money that the big coffee place with star in the title will not be getting. HAHAHAHA!!!!
So I make these lattes, which I call lattes because they have a lot of milk in them, but I'm pretty sure that a latte is not made like this, but I was so excited after I made and tasted the first one that I exclaimed to no one in my empty kitchen that "I am a barrista!!", which is a total delusion on my part I know. (Wow that was one sentence, I don't call my self the Queen of the run-on sentence for nothing, why put a period when a comma will do just fine!)
ANYWAY--Here is what I do. I put exactly 1/2 cup of milk into the microwave for exactly 44 seconds. Then I pour it in the milk frother and plunge it exactly 9 times. I pour the frothed milk into a large mug and run the Senseo coffee into it on the 8 oz. setting. Then I put flavored creamer into it, the current flavor is Coconut. It's SO good!
You may be wondering what this windy meaningless post is leading to. Here it is: The Senseo coffee comes out in two places so you can make two cups at once is you want. But I dont so when the coffee comes out into the white milk it leaves two brown spots which look like eyes to me. So then when I pour in the creamer I put it where the mouth should be, so every morning my latte smiles at me:

Sometimes my coffee resembles Eric Cartman from South Park, on those days I shout "Respect Mah Authoriteh" before I take the first sip.

Okay, now you know what a goofball I really am. To most of you that is no secret. Fun IS where you find it, fortunately for me I never have to look very far or very hard.

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Faythe said...

Aahahaha! "Respect Mah Authoritah!" I often say that to Ryan just before I start beating on him. My secret wish is to own a baton, but Ryan is afraid that I'd do too much damage with it and has banned me from ever buying one. Anyway, I'd love to try one of your lattes! I've never had coffee from a Senseo before.