Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wax Psychology

So the other night we go to Dennys. It is not my first choice when we go out to eat, but my kids like it and I usually use the opportunity to have breakfast for dinner. So, we are there and Max asks the waitress for some crayons. Time passed and it became clear that she forgot so when she comes back Max asks again for crayons. She had an "oh yeah I forgot" moment and then went and got the crayons. This is what she brought back:

Six orange crayons. We were quite puzzled. Did she think that Max was going to color his paper placemat so furiously that he would need six orange crayons to do it? Even if the crayons were evenly distributed among the three of us, did we each need two orange crayons?
Anyway we had a good laugh over it, which was good because previous to that my kids had been bickering to the point where I was ready to just get in the car and leave them there, so that kind of broke the tension and put us back on the path to harmony.
Hey....maybe that waitress was smarter than we thought!

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