Saturday, May 27, 2006

They Can Rebuild Me, They Have The Technology

In the midst of all the house hoopla yesterday, I forgot to mention that I am hooked up to a heart monitor right now. A couple of months ago my heart started beating irregularly. It feels like my heart does a somersault in my chest. The first week it happened it was doing it a lot. My friend had the same thing happen to her and the doctor told her to cut back on the caffeine so I did to no avail. So I became alarmed and went to a cardiologist. The monitor is the last of a series of tests that I have had and of course my heart hardly ever does it now, days go by with nothing. So I am thinking it was stress because at the time it started I was totally stessing out about the prospect of selling my house, I wasn't sleeping well because my mind was going all the time with speculation and list making.
Anyway, I have 5 electrode thingys all over my torso, they all come down into this central line and run into this tiny box about half the size of a tv remote. And all I keep thinking is that I feel like Steve Austin, and every time I make an entrance through a doorway I hum the Six Million Dollar Man theme music. Thankfully, I get this thing off at noon today. I'm driving myself crazy with all the humming.

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