Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can't Wait to Taste Everything Once (or Twice)

My new future Spokane friend and fellow Supper Club-ite Jennifer Olsen has launched the new version of her website called Taste Everything Once. While the old version of the site was mostly a blog, this new version is a terrific resource for restaurant reviews, upcoming food-related events and discussions about food in general, whether prepared in a restaurant or in your own kitchen.
Visiting her website and participating in the forums have really got me looking forward to moving and settling into life in Spokane. I have met Jennifer at the Sunday Night Supper Club, she is a great gal, and won't it be fun to ring her up and grab a bite somewhere!
Thanks Jennifer for all your (and Remi's) hard work on your website. Getting to know you and the Spokane virtual food community has really helped put a positive spin on what could be a very difficult transition for me. I look forward to meeting more of the Spokane foodbloggers in person in the coming months.

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Jennifer said...


You are so great! We can't wait until you are settled in.