Friday, May 05, 2006

What's in a Name?

The other day Leo was watching baseball and he came out to where I was and said "mom, I think it would really suck to have a last name like Pujols". He seemed like he had been giving the matter some thought. He didn't say anything else, just turned and went back to watch the game.
For those of you who don't watch baseball, Albert Pujols is a baseball player. His last name is pronounced "POO-holes". I know Leo is amused by this because whenever Pujols is at bat he yells "POOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOLES!" at the TV. It makes sense that Leo would find this funny, after all he is 11 years old. He also loves to get right next to me and fart, preferably a silent but deadly, and stand there until I get a big nasty whiff of it and make a face, at which time he collapses into fits of laughter.
I told Leo that the only thing that would suck more than having the last name of Poo-Holes would be having to correct all the people that mispronounce it.
"Uh, Mr. Pujoles?"
"It's Poo-Holes"
Leo agreed that would definitely suck even more. He really felt for the guy. But then we decided that he had the name for so long he was probably over it. Also the guy is a great baseball player, he gets respect for that I'm sure.
I have really enjoyed talking with and listening to my kids as they have gotten older. I never know quite what the subject will be, but it is always interesting and often funny. I hope they remember to call me when they are grown up!

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Anonymous said...

I've had very similar thoughts on this subject myself. Maybe Leo and I can get together and discuss the issue further. -Jamie