Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bicycling to Spokane

I started going to the Sports Center April 30. The main reason I go is to help rehab my foot from surgery I had in January. But it would be nice if I got less fat and more fit while I was at it. I go 4-5 times a week. No less fat so far, but I do have a bit more energy and I find I now get full faster when I eat. So that's cool.

When I started riding the recumbent bike (that's all I can do for now, no treadmill, etc), I rode for 20 minutes at level 2 with no hills. Now I go 40 min at level 6 with hills. I think that is progress even if I'm not losing weight.
In order to keep myself motivated I keep track of the mileage on the bike and chart my progress on a road map. I decided that since we are moving to Spokane in a year, that is where I will bicycle to. As of today I have gone 150.9 miles, I am to Stockton. Only 950 miles to go!

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