Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We are bowlers, hear us roar

I come from a bowling family. When I was a kid my older brother and sister were championship bowlers and acquired many trophys and other awards. when they got older my mom bowled in a league with them, I remember many a night trying to fall asleep on the plastic curvy benches while my family bowled. When I was 10 my mom started working at Fort Ord Bowl and worked there for 15 years until she retired. In the summers when I used to get in trouble at home she would make me come to work with her so she could keep an eye on me. And when I started dating my ex, one of the first things we did as a couple was join a bowling league. Needless to say, I am no stranger to the bowling alley.
So on Memorial Day my kids and I were at my sisters for a barbeque, and she pulled out all her old bowling patches and certificates. My kids were very interested. Then she went into the garage and brought out her old bowling ball- shiny, blue and personalized with her name SUSAN. She also showed us my mom's old ball, green and named ERNA. We started bowling on her lawn and had a fine time. Previously to this, my brother had given my 16 year old son Max his old ball, black and named RICK.
Then something happened.
Our local bowling alley gave passes to all the school kids in our town, entitling them to one free game of bowling every day all summer long. You probably know where this is going.
We are at the lanes now 6 days a week, my kids joined a youth league and are getting bowling instruction on Saturdays, and they now have their own balls, bags and shoes. Max is bowling with RICK and 11 year old Leo is bowling with ERNA. They make me enter all their scores on a spreadsheet at home and compute their averages for that day, because you know they are not only bowling the one free game, oh no, they are bowling 3 games every day.
Today they both bowled their all time high scores, Max got a 176 and Leo got a 141. Not bad for 3 weeks of bowling fever. They immediately called my brother and sister and told them the good news.
I just know my mom is looking down from heaven and laughing. I remember hearing her voice over the loudspeaker at her work as she got the leagues started--"GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BOWLING!"

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