Saturday, July 02, 2005

There will be food...

Boy, will there ever. All the roommates have tomorrow off, today we went to Costco where Mike proceeded to buy 2 racks of lamb, a bunch of New York steaks, a ton of potatoes to bake with all the fixings and a huge bag of romaine to make a gigantic caesar salad. Apparently we are going to eat. And eat. And then eat some more. I am still full from lunch! But it should be fun because Mike is a chef and he's the one cooking not me.
We watched Live 8 on mtv today. May I just say that I hate mtv and if I were still swearing there would be a whole string of swear words right now because they kept cutting off the bands halfway through a song or talking over them. This became especially upsetting during Pink Floyd's set. Hopefully they will release a dvd.
I was just informed by chef Mike that he needs the kitchen to be ready for use in 45 min. Gotta go tidy it up.

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