Thursday, June 23, 2005

TP Talk

I have visited many public restrooms in my life. And I have noticed that there are several different types of toilet paper dispensers in them. There are the little square boxes that you have to stick your finger way up into the slot to get ahold of the flimsy squares of tp. There are the big plastic ones that hold 2 rolls and if you're lucky you can get twice the tp by grabbing the end of each roll. And then there are the giant round ones designed to hold one huge roll of tp.
Well, it seems my travels lately have taken me to several restrooms that have the big round tp holder. Target, the local cineplex, and SBC Park to name a few. Whenever I am in these restrooms I always berate myself because I just can't seem to ever tear the tp off on the perforation, I always end up ripping it.
Then at the Giants game on Tuesday (maybe it was the lighting in the bathroom) I took a good long look at the toilet paper and guess what---THERE ARE NO PERFORATIONS!!!! I went back to my seat and told my boys of my discovery and they said something to the effect of "Duh, Mom, the tp holder has a metal-toothed tear strip, how could you not notice that!"
So all this time I have been a frustrated bathroom-goer, when in reality I am just a really unobservant one.

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