Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Welcome everybody, how is your hair

I have decided to create a blog. Not sure why. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs. I don't have anything funny or snarky to say, really. But something funny or snarky might percolate up from my ramblings once in a while.
I feel this is a big life decision. The other big life decision I made this week is that I decided to quit coloring my hair for a while. Actually that is a huge life decision. I have colored my hair since my mid 20's and now I'm 43. I color every 7-8 weeks and my hair grows fast, so usually there is a dark stripe running down the middle of my head right before I get touched up.
Well, not this time. This time the stripe is silver. SILVER!!
Now there have always been silver strands here and there, but a silver stripe is something new. This development mysteriously coincides with an increased amount of hair falling out of my head. My beautician Veronica will neither confirm nor deny a connection between the two, but she did say something about hormones (which get the blame for everything once you hit 40).
Anyway, something about silver hair appeals to me at the moment. So I'm gonna let it grow for a little while at least. I may go running back to Veronica saying "I don't care if it all falls out, just color it!", we will have to see.
Well now you have an idea of the tone of this blog. Read at your own peril.

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