Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Mania

This weekend the temperatures were resembling spring, and I really didn't want to stay inside at all. so I didn't! First thing I did Saturday morning, no, wait, let's back up to Friday night. On Friday night I loaded all my B-52's cd's into my computer. This resulted in a sing-along of epic proportions! I'm sure I had way more fun than Leo, who was in the next room and had to listen to me. By the time I went to bed my voice was gone.
OK so then Saturday morning I went to the Camelot community garage sale with Faythe and Jen C. On the way there I saw the first tulips and daffodils of the year! This caused me to scream so loudly with total joy that I blew out my voice even more and by the time I got to Faythe's I could barely get a word out. That situation seemed to resolve itself a bit as we went to what can only be described as the biggest most insane garage sale frenzy I have ever seen. I came away with some wine glasses and the realization that it will take an act of god to get me back there next year. I have never seen anything like it.
So after that craziness we went to the Browne's Addition sale, which was much less attended and the pickings were much better I thought. After that we cruised around the South Hill for awhile and found some good sales there too. I got some really great stuff--dishes, a salad bowl, some books, my favorite Mary Kay face cleanser, and some plants because we also went to the plant sale at Manito Park. It was a very fun morning!
Then later on Saturday afternoon Leo and I took a drive. We took Cheney-Spokane Road out to Cheney, then turned onto Cheney-Spangle Road over to Spangle, then back up 395 to home. It took about an hour or so, very cool. Then when we got back I went with Max to the White Elephant. I just love that store! I bought the game of Racko for less than $6 which was a total score because we wore out our old Racko and I was having a hard time finding it in the big stores. Saturday was a smashing success!
Today after church I went to Costco, which apparently was all the productivity I could stand, because this afternoon it was Max in the car as we went on a much longer drive up to Sandpoint in Idaho. We went up Highway 2 which I had never done and while it was a beautiful drive, we got to Sandpoint and said now what do we do, and since we did not know anything about the area we just kept driving, turning south and going through Athol and past Silverwood, through Rathdrum and down Trent Ave. back to Spokane. This drive took about three hours and was just what I needed after not going anywhere all winter. I need a little road trip once in a while to keep me sane. Well, maybe not sane, but happy anyway.
So all in all, it has been a great weekend! I saw so many things: Flowers, pink trees, this, this, lots of scenery, and this:

This sea monkey bobblehead lives in Browne's Addition with all his bobblehead friends:

Thanks Jen and Faythe for the pics!

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Kate said...

There is no shame in flipping out over signs of spring/summer. Last week I saw my first marmot of the year and screeched!