Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seasons In The Sun -- FINALLY!!

This winter has been the second snowiest winter IN HISTORY. 89 1/2 inches to be exact, just 4 less than the all time high. And I lived through it! But these last few weeks have been awful. I have been sad and mopey for no real reason. And my housekeeping skills (what little I have) have been gone for months. I couldn't understand why. But I think I'm beginning to.

Yesterday the weather changed. There was sun, which is not unusual except that you could feel it's warmth on your body. There was George Maupin, one of the local weather guys, all smiles and talking about 70 degrees on Sunday. And even though the leaves are still just buds on the trees, my hope that spring is coming has turned to the belief that it will be here directly.

I could actually feel the weight lifting.

Last night after a long week at work, I had the energy to clean and organize for three hours. Can't remember the last time that happened. Probably November. And I even baked cookies! The car is all loaded and ready for the run to the recycling center today, and I am excited about working in the garage with the door open and not having to wear a coat or sweater. I can't wait to open up all the windows in the house and run the vacuum. The sound of the washer full of blankets that will be folded and put in the closet instead of stacked on the couch is sweet music to my ears. I'm starting to feel like myself again.

I don't recall this happening to such a degree last winter, but last winter was mild and not as long. I need to remember this winter so I can figure out a plan for next winter when my house goes all to hell again. But in the meantime, I can tell you the secret to awesome cookies:

My mom's mixing bowl from the 50's. It was the bowl that came with the mixer that kind of looked like the one in this pic that I just lifted off of ebay:

Everything I make in this bowl turns out great. So that is the secret to awesome cookies. That, plus 1 1/2 sticks of butter.

Have a fabulous weekend, I sure will!

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