Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Illegally Great Day

Because today I am writing about something that is illegal and I don't want to get googled about it I will write in code!

Today my friend _teve came over and he had a _ootleg DVD of the _ed _eppelin reunion concert from last December. _ax burned a few copies and now I have it! The video is not that great but the sound is good and I consider it to be just another snapshot in the giant _ed _eppelin photo album of my life. They cannot be who they were when they were younger, particularly _obert _lant is not the singer he once was. Stupid smoking! However, _immy _age is still awesome! He looks like a cross between Ben Franklin and the Queen of England nowadays. And it is great to see _ohn _aul _ones jamming with them again. When _lant and _age toured back in the 90's, _teve and I saw them 3 times and they were great, but they were not _ed _eppelin. In this concert, they are.

And as a bonus, _teve hooked up my now-fixed turntable which means that I can listen to all my vinyl again!! Of course, the first album I put on was _ed _eppelin's "_resence".

This is shaping up to be a great day! Tonight is Supper Club, which means that there are mojitos in my immediate future. Today is so good that I am not going to complain that it is starting to snow right now. It can snow all it wants, I'm happy today.

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