Friday, October 05, 2007

TV Confessional

Well, it's the new season and here is what I'm watching, old and new.
First the new:
1) The Bionic Woman. I can't believe I said it. It started out of curiosity, seeing as how I liked the old one. And after two episodes it has now become a sort of guilty pleasure. My kids still think that I'm just knitting with the TV on and it just happens to be on that show. One big reason I am watching is because I love Miguel Ferrer. My biggest complaint is that his character should be named Oscar Goldman. I mean, she's Jamie Sommers, right?
2) Right after Miguel, I mean The Bionic Woman, is a new show called Life. It's a cop show but weirder. So far so good.
Are those the only new shows I'm watching? I think so. Last year was the big year for new shows, and I am still watching a lot of them: Heroes, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters. And I have to admit that I still enjoy Desperate Housewives, My Name Is Earl (last nights show was hilarious!) and of course The Office.
So that's everything that I watch. (Oh yeah, and Soul Train too, man I love those old Soul Trains!) It seems like a lot, but spread out over the course of a week it's really not much at all. So glad to have the DVR, that way I can watch when I want.

I started this post this morning before work when I was awake and everything, now I am trying to finish it but I am so tired, so I will let this post fizzle out in much the same way I am right now.

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