Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some Things

1) I went to Bible Study on Friday night. I had a group in Monterey but not here. I only just finally found a church a couple of months ago. This seems to be the group for me. They all seem very nice and I could see these people as being my friends. Hooray!

2) Yesterday my friend Heather from work let me tag along to a friend of hers house for their monthly craft morning. It was great to meet new crafters and sit in a nice home that was not mine and drink coffee and knit. I met alot of new people this weekend. That is a good thing!

3) Max and I went to see this movie called The King of Kong. It was a documentary, and it was great! I highly recommend it, especially if you are a video gamer.

4) Yesterday I took a tumble down some stairs. Actually, I slid on my butt and back pretty hard down brick stairs. My butt and back are bruised and I twisted my ankle a bit. I was moving really slowly this morning and ended up not going to church, which was unfortunate because I finally knew some people that I could sit by. Oh well, there is always next week. I am getting around a bit better now, hopefully I will be in good shape for work in the morning.

5) Speaking of work, it's late, going to bed.

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Tea Rose said...

Wow, I sure hope you're okay! Falling down stairs is bad enough, but brick stairs sound really painful. I drove down Canyon Del Rey, and I thought of you as I passed the entrance to your old street.