Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hi Again

Tomorrow is October, and since this week promises to be crazy with things like hair coloring, furnace cleaning and broken arm pin pulling, I thought I'd post today since all today holds in store is buying toilet paper, taking down my dead fuschias for winter, and going through my mail.

The fun never stops.

Yesterday I was supposed to do a bunch of these things but I ended up talking on the phone most of the day. My best friend Tami called from Maine, that was an hour. Then I called my good friend Dennise who lives in the other Washington three time zones away, that was an hour and a half. My dear old friend Flo from Portland called, there went another hour. Plus all the knitting I did instead of housework, and there went the day. Amidst all that pseudo-activity I did manage to watch Soul Train and take a nap, so I did get a lot accomplished after all.

The temperature this week started in the 70's and now it's in the 40-50's. Fall is taking hold. These next weeks will be beautiful here, I can't wait.

Aren't you glad you are still reading this blog? Ironically, all the really fun stuff in my life happened while I wasn't blogging. One week it was my birthday party AND a trip to the circus. My good friend Faythe blogged about these events, so you may have read about them. Here is what I will add:

1) About the circus: while there were some cool things like the tightrope and the trapeze, most of it was really cheesy. Where were the lions? And for that matter, where were the other two rings? A one ring circus? Please.
2) About my birthday: my birthday happens to fall on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I am still deciding whether I think this is okay or not. Yes, it brings more attention to my birthday, but then everyone says "Happy Birrrrthday Karrrrla!", which gets kind of annoying after a while. Plus I don't like Rum.
3) On the Friday after my birthday, a bunch of us went out for dinner, drinking, bowling (which also included Bingo)(and more drinking)(the more beer I have, the better I bowl)(drinking does not help you win Bingo), and ending up at the karaoke bar eating giant cheese sticks at midnight. All I could think the whole night was "I'm in a really funny episode of Roseanne!", which was awesome. Thanks to Jennifer, Faythe and Kate for making my birthday week a fun one.

Well, that about wraps it up. Time to clean the lint out of my dryer now. Bye!

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Jennifer said...

I bought one of those off QVC a few years ago. It worked so much better on tv.

You aren't the only one!