Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Shame

Well, today was Greenbluff Day. Going to the apple festival at Greenbluff is a fun time. Faythe, Jennifer, Brad and I piled in my car this morning and went up there for our 2nd annual outing. Last year it was all new and we were just taking it all in. This year we knew what to expect and so we came prepared to mock.

This is my shame. I am a mocker. I see the humor in things and I can't help but share my observations with my friends. So naturally I have gravitated towards like minded individuals and now we go places which have excellent mocking potential. Like the circus. And Greenbluff.

Don't get me wrong. I do not go there for the sole purpose of mocking. It's beautiful country and I love the community spirit of these small town festivals. It's just that sometimes things are funny. And I try very hard not to make fun of people directly because I do not like to hurt anyones feelings. Sadly, that was not the case today.

I saw a crocheted hat that was clearly far too big for anyones head. I pointed that out to Faythe who is a fellow crocheter and knitter. Then I put the giant ass hat on my head and posed for a picture. Unfortunately, I did not realize the the hat's creator was standing right behind me as I was doing this. I did not find out until after the fact. And now I feel bad. Not for what I said or did, but that I got caught and pissed someone off. That was not my intent.

Will this stop me from mocking stuff? Heck no! However, I will try to be more careful from now on. After all, the Christmas Craft Fair is right around the corner!

PS--If you want Faythe's take on the day in all it's lurid glory, you can go

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