Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All I Want To Do Is See Clearly, Is That So Wrong?

To properly start this story we need to go back in time. March 2006! I know that's not very long ago, I probably used one too many backs in that last sentence, but it's my blog and I can be corny if I want to.


Back in March 2006 I got bifocals. They were awful! I couldn't focus on anything properly, so I never wore them, I just wore my old glasses. Which I am still wearing. Now I have a job which requires that I do a lot of close paperwork, and I have found that these bifocals which I hate come in really handy to see the stuff in my desk clearly. Problem is, when I look up, nothing is in focus, I have to tilt my head down and look upwards to see anything at a distance clearly. My misery and frustration led me to Costco. I decided that since my vision has changed to Mr. Magoo level, I needed new regular non-work glasses and also new bifocals for work. In the interest of saving money, I would use my bifocal frames, which are still new basically, for my single lens glasses and then just get a cheap pair of frames for my work goggles.

So I'm at Costco for over an hour looking at frames and trying to figure my stuff out, and in talking to the optician Jo we figured out the problem. She adjusted my bifocals so they sit lower on my face and now they work great! Thank you Jo! Now I am just going to get new non work glasses, but I can't decide what kind of frames to get. Peoples glasses say a lot about them, not just "I can't see my hand in front of my face". I have always been a wire rimmed gal but now I am leaning toward a more colorful plastic frame. Every time I tried one on Max said I looked like a crazy old lady who thinks she's young. Well, that sounds right to me! So plastic frames it is! Faythe, do you still want to go to Costco for glasses?

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