Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Northwest Oakie Migration

One of the best things about being born at the tail end of the baby boom is that growing up, there were tons of kids in the neighborhood. I always felt bad for my kids as I raised them in the house I grew up in, because all the kids were gone and the neighborhood was filled mostly with parents of the kids I grew up with. But I digress.
Here is the Del Rey Oaks roster of my friends when I was a kid. None of these people lived more than 2 blocks away. And there were plenty more that I didn't hang out with.

Girls: Karen, Frances, Lori, Roxanne, Janet, Kerry, Chris.

Boys: Garth, Joey, Steven, Tommy, Charlie, Billy, David, 2 Mikes, Scott, 2 Matts, Jimmy.

As I grew up, I held on to many of these childhood friends (mostly the boy ones). They all dropped the Y from their names and now my adult neighborhood friends go by Joe, Jim, Tom, Bill, and Steve. David is still David. And Mike is still Mike. And I have digressed again.

Here's the point. Last night I got a phone call from Bill. He found my number through David, who got it from my ex. It seems that Bill now lives in Hayden, Idaho. Which is like half an hour from here! This is exciting news, now I have 2 Del Rey Oakies in my new neighborhood, Steve and Bill. And we're working on getting Mike to move up here, we think he will one of these days. I cannot tell you how comforted I am by having these 2 guys close to me up here, since I am away from all of my family. And once an Oakie, always an Oakie, so we are bonded for life. And that is a very good feeling.

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