Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Weekend

Our trip to California was fast but good. On Friday we got to go to Monterey for almost four hours! The boys had lunch with their dad and I had lunch with my niece Nichole and her family. We went to my favorite place, Turtle Bay Taqueria in Seaside. I had my usual shrimp bowl, boy do I miss it. I also got a chance to go to my brother's house. When he died in February, Nichole and my grandniece Kristina inherited his house. He was an artist, and therefore didn't have much money to upkeep his home, so it was pretty ramshackle. Nichole and her husband Eduardo are doing a great job fixing it up.

There is not much left to remind me of my brother. Nichole is making it her own and that is how it should be. We had a nice visit in the sunny front yard, and we got to meet their new dog Skippy. Skippy is a miniature chihuahua. Max liked him a lot.


Just kidding!

The afternoon was capped off with some cheers led by my 6 year old grandniece Eraya, who is captain of her playground cheer squad, the Honkeys.

The Captain of The Honkeys

After some clapping, stomping and yelling "Go Honkeys!" it was time for us to leave Monterey and head up to San Jose and the wedding festivities.

Friday night and all day Saturday were spent doing wedding stuff, which included actually going to the wedding. It was very beautiful. Jenny and Jeremy make a great couple, very well suited to each other, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

After the wedding everyone went back to my sister's house for a big party which was a great time to catch up with my nephew Jason and his wife Jamie. A fun time was had by all.

Then this morning we were back on the plane to Spokane. Here is what we discovered at 35,000 feet:

The chewy granola bars that Southwest gives out for snacks look very much like turds.

So that's it. Now we are home, well, we are back in Spokane anyway, Monterey will always be home, if only for four hours.

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