Friday, May 11, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Next weekend we will be travelling to California to attend my nephew Jeremy's wedding. This is a very happy occasion and I am glad to be seeing my family even if it is for less than 48 hours. Here is the bad part. It falls on the weekend of the Spokane Lilac Parade, which I have been looking forward to attending since before I moved up here. Bummer, man!

This weekend however, is another story. Tomorrow Faythe and I are going to the Spokane Garden Expo. Hopefully the lady that sells the heirloom tomato plants will be there, and also I would like to get some dahlias to plant. Maybe even a lilac! I know what you're thinking, "But Karla, I thought you didn't have any more room to plant stuff in your yard!". Think again, my friends! Because my Mother's Day present from my children is that they are going to dig up part of the lawn so I can have more flower beds, which I am very excited about!
And then on Mothers Day I get to go with some fun girls on a wine tasting expedition. So it's fun fun fun for the next two weekends, woo hoo!

Happy Mothers Day you muthas!

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