Tuesday, May 08, 2007


1) I think there are birds living in our attic. We stuffed towels in the hole and the birds took them out. They are probably woodpeckers. This is problematic for a number of reasons. Plan B involves stuffing steel wool in the hole, I hear the birds don't like it.
2) One of the cooks at Hu Hot sucks. He burns the food, and doesn't know how to chop stuff up very well. I would say that I understand because he's new, but he's not new anymore. I don't want him touching my food.
3) This was said by me, out loud to no one, yesterday as I left work. "It's warm out, and it smells like bread, I'm so happy!" Apparently, it's not just potatoes that make me feel happiness.
4) The Morrissey show was awesome! I have mad love for that whiny sad guy. No one else can sing about death and loneliness to upbeat pop music like him. Go find "Life Is A Pigsty" and listen to it and you will know what I mean.
5) Still crocheting like a madwoman. If you want to see, there will be pics on my new blog soon.
6) There is no 6, I'm done.

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