Thursday, May 17, 2007

Totally Unprepared

Early tomorrow morning we leave for the wedding in California. I have I done anything to prepare? NO!! And I am blaming the weather. It has been so nice in the evenings that all week we have been sitting on the porch, or walking along the bluff, or playing basketball, whatever, just being outside and relishing the warm evenings. So tonight I have a list as long as my arm of things to do before we go, things that I can't put off any longer, like packing and doing the dishes. UGH!

In more exciting bird news, I heard the woodpecker yesterday morning so I ran outside to see if he was on the roof or inside the attic, and he was on the roof! So I ran inside to get the camera but he flew away. Here is where he was, pecking on that pipe.

Also here is a pic of my porch in the morning sun.

To all my friends in Monterey, I am so sorry that there is no time to visit, as I will be on the peninsula for only 4 hours tomorrow from noon till about 4 pm. I miss you all and will try to catch you on the next trip down, thanksgiving perhaps?

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Tea Rose said...

Have a great trip to California! I wasn't prepared for Germany, either, but somehow I made it.