Saturday, March 31, 2007


The other night we went to IHOP for dinner and then we had to go to Fred Meyer for some groceries. In between those two places, we passed two areas of people holding signs asking for money. We have noticed a new adjective on peoples signs lately--STRANDED. This prompted a discussion between my kids and me about whether is it possible in this day and age in a large town to be stranded. We talked about the ways that one could become stranded; car broke down, wallet stolen, etc, and decided that of all the adjectives that the beggars put on their signs (homeless, hungry, veteran), that stranded seems implausible. We also talked about the use of the phrase GOD BLESS at the bottom of the signs, if it makes a difference to potential beggar contributors whether or not the beggar is "Christian". It was a very interesting conversation.

Until we got to Fred Meyer, that is. Fred Meyer is where we saw a girl holding a sign saying "Puppies For Sale". Max suggested that she might do better if her sign read:


And at that point what could have been a compelling discussion turned into a big hilarious joke. That is the way most conversations end up around here, I'm afraid.
It's hard living with a comedian sometimes. But most of the time it's just really funny.

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