Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gardening Fool or Fool Gardening?

I like to garden. At least I think I like to garden. I just really like the idea of gardening. And I have successfully gardened in the past, I have the pictures to prove it. But the past few attempts have been feeble at best. Oh, I plant the plants just fine, it's the watering part that gets me.

So the other day when I announce my plans to my family that I am going to have a small garden this year, Max tells me that my having a garden is like giving a five-year-old a pet rabbit to take care of. Neither one will live very long. Well, I am going to prove Max wrong! It is a new year and a new state and a new yard, and I can do it!

Yesterday Fred Meyer was having a sale on fuschias and I bought a bunch and potted them in hanging baskets and hung them on the porch. Then I bought some pansy plants and planted them in the flower boxes that hang from my porch railing. And this was in addition to all the seeds I planted in the mini greenhouse that now sits in my dining room.

Take that, Max!

And not only that, soon I will be ripping out bushes and planting more flowers and come summer I will be picking fresh tomatoes off my deck! So there!

(note to self: Water the plants!)

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