Thursday, March 22, 2007


If you watch Seinfeld, you will know how the title of this post is to be said. If not, watch this. I have to say that even though I don't watch the reruns regularly anymore, they still make me laugh. So does Everybody Loves Raymond. Also when Leo farts in the car. I can't help it. I'm juvenile.

OK, back on track.

1) Basketball fever has hit my home. Both boys have it. I got them a basketball hoop that came with the wrong part so it sits half-assembled in my garage until the new part arrives. I also bought them a perfectly good basketball, but Max has a problem with it because it's not a professional leather one. I told them that they would have to buy it themselves, so they have decided to go down to the bottom of the hill where the beggars hang out and hold this sign:

Please give generously, that basketball hoop wasn't cheap!

2) Spring is coming! Daytime temps have been in the 50's and there's lots of talk in the lunchroom about gardens and planting. To that end, I bought a couple of packs of tomato seeds and a seed starter kit and will be planting my tomatoes shortly. I decided to grow them in containers on my deck, we will see how that goes.

3) My dental hygienist has been bugging me to switch my toothbrush for a Sonicare one, so when Costco had a coupon for $25 off, I took the plunge. Wow, what a difference! My whole mouth feels much cleaner, it's amazing! I hope the change is reflected at my next dentist appointment.

Well, that's it for today, have a good one everybody.

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Kimberly said...

Tell Max that we just had the basketball controversy at our house. Seems that Cal (the basketball jones that he is) has determined that although he prefers the leather pro version for indoor courts, he sticks to the cheaper leatherish versions for outdoors because he doesn't like it when the leather hardens and cracks.