Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Clean Little Secret

About 4 years ago the boys and I took a two week vacation to New York. We spent a few days in the City, and then headed upstate to visit family and friends. The friends were Bart and Dennise. Bart is in the Army and was stationed at West Point at the time. So we were staying at their lovely home and when I took a shower there I noticed that Dennise had stocked it with shower gels from Bath and Body Works. I asked her how she could afford them and she told me that they went on sale twice a year. In Oprah-speak, that was an a-ha moment for me. So after that, I started paying attention to the sales and picking up 2 or 3 bottles of shower gel each time. This has gotten to be a compulsion with me. If the gels go on sale, I can't pass up the opportunity to get at least one bottle. This is a trait I inherited from my mother, I call it the "It Was On Sale!" gene. It is now to the point where I can no longer in good conscience walk into Bath and Body Works. Let me illustrate my point:

It's a conga line of cleanliness!

In order to justify this craziness in my mind I decided that I would rotate the flavors monthly, comforted by the fact that these shower gels have a shelf life of seven years, and if it took me a couple of years to use the entire bottle, so be it.

So here is the master list:

January: Orange Ginger
February: Tranquil Mint
March: Strawberry
April: Honeysuckle
May: Peony
June: Peach Nectar
July: Coco Cabana
August: Pear Blossom
September: Candy Apple
October: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
November: Pecan Pie
December: Peppermint

Notice that I have tried to be seasonal in my selections. It's sick, I know. But hey, at least I'm collecting something that's useful and smells good!

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Jennifer said...

It's not crazy!

I do the exact same thing!