Friday, April 06, 2007

Smells From My Past

They say that certain smells can trigger memories, and that has happened to me twice lately.

1) We were at the Goodwill downtown recently, and Leo found this piece of electronic equipment called a transceiver. It's from the late 60's or early 70's and I was brand new still in the box. It looks like a giant handheld mobile phone with an antenna about 8 feet long when you stretch it all the way out. So I was looking at it and it reminded me of the old transistor radios that we had as kids. We listened to AM stations back then, KMBY 1240 and KDON. I could go off on a tangent about 70's AM radio music but I am trying to stay on track here. Anyway, if you had a transistor radio, you know that they had a smell to them, an electronic transistor smell. So I smelled the transceiver and it smelled exactly like that. So now every time I come across it in the house I pick it up and smell it and then sing K-M-B-YYYYYYY, Twelve-Fortyyyyyy, Music Powerrrr! I'm telling you, thrills come cheap in this family.

2) If you read this, you know that April is Honeysuckle month. So for the past few days, every time I take a shower and smell that perfumey fake honeysuckle scent, I know that I have smelled this before but I wasn't able to place it. But I remember now! It's Perfume Kiddles! Kiddles were tiny dolls that fit inside jewelery and other things. I had the jewelery ones and my friend Daura who lived across the street had the perfume ones. My Honeysuckle body wash smells exactly like the Honeysuckle Kiddle!! I rejoice in the knowledge that I leave my house every day smelling like a Kiddle!

So if you see someone walking down the street smelling a giant walkie talkie, smelling her arm and singing old radio station jingles, don't be alarmed, I'm harmless!


PullMyFinger said...

I still have the KMBY Radio Station tag in my head! I will never forget the 70's Do you remeber the DJ Hagan Higgins?

Karla said...

Indeed I do. Just yesterday I was telling my 15 year old son about growing up with only 2 radio stations and they both played everything, that is why I know so many bad songs from the 70's, we had no choice but to hear them!