Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dry Spell

Sorry about the lack of posts, there's just nothing going on.

Oh Wait!

I am pleased to report that our local Target is now carrying the Archer Farms brand of coffee pods, this means that I no longer have to go to Target in Idaho for my coffee.

So that's good news.

What else.....

Well, I have been reading a lot of knitting blogs lately, and here is what I have found out.
1) Lots of people are making socks.
2) When a yarn is varigated, you don't use the word "color" to describe it, you use the word "colorway".
3) Knitters usually are my age, with my build, and have cats. Apparently, I was a knitter before I even knew how to knit.

That's about it. I wish it would be a little warmer so I can plant my seedlings outside.

Happy Birthday to my grandniece Eraya, who turns 6 tomorrow.

OK now I'm done.

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