Saturday, July 26, 2008


Summer is great! Here is why:

1) It is not winter. That is a big reason. Yes, sometimes it's too hot, but I refuse to complain because the alternative is worse! In the summer you don't have to drive 25 on the interstate because you fear sliding off the road, and leafy trees are a lot prettier than unleafy ones. Also, flip flops are better than boots.

2) Everyone sleeps in and stays up late. Except me. And I don't really know why that is great except that it just is. Everything is later in the summer. Dinner, grocery shopping, all of it. I wish work was later too but oh well.

3) It stays warm till bedtime, then it cools down and you can sleep with your bedroom window open and it's SO nice!

4) Flowers!

5) Funny summer TV shows. My current faves are "Wipeout" and "I Survived A Japanese Game Show". Also we have been watching a lot of "I Love Lucy" lately which is hilarious no matter the season.

6) The Farmers Markets. Fresh peaches, mmmmmmmm... Not to mention fresh everything else.

7) Midnight movies at the Garland. Tonight it's Pulp Fiction. Next week: The Goonies!

8) Barbeques! With potato salad and Mojitos...

We still have five weeks left, people. Make them fun ones!

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Anonymous said...

Hey your blog every week...glad to hear things are good and fun with you..keep it up

love from NY,