Friday, July 11, 2008

Current Events

1) I played bunco last night in the valley, and the fire evecuation boundary was three houses down from where we were playing. It made for a bit of a nerve-wracking evening and we ended up not playing the last round and going home early. Since the fires in Big Sur I have had a hyper awareness of fire and the destruction it leaves in its wake. So last night being so close to the fire, it was almost more than I could take. I came home pretty agitated. I feel terrible for the people who have lost their homes.

2) In better news, after being a sub in the bunco group for a year, I am now a permanent member, taking the place of someone who dropped out. It feels great to be one of the actual twelve and not just a sub.

3) Tomorrow I am going to Canada! Some friends and I are going to drive the Selkirk Loop. This is exciting because I haven't been to Canada since I was twelve. I hear it is beautiful, can't wait!

4) My stupid hurt leg is almost better. They work the crap out of it in physical therapy. I can really tell the difference the next day. I am now walking up stairs like a normal person, that is real progress. One of these days I will be able to bend over to weed the yard, that will be the real turning point, for me and for my neighbors!

5) That's it. Go out and have a fun weekend, eh?

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