Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slide Show

When I was little, my dad was into making slides of all his photos. Consequently, I have very few photographs of me when I was small because they are all in slide form. My sister came down on Friday with a surprise--she had all the slides transferred to disk and so now I have them all loaded on my computer--hooray! Even though I was too young to remember all this stuff, these pictures have given me valuable insight into family history and why my family is the way they are now. Insight #1:

Why we are all fat. Food was everywhere, and judging from the pictures, treated just like family. Insight #2:

Why it is so important to me to be a stay at home mom no matter what. This was our grocery store. After my dad left, my mom worked from 8am to 10pm six days a week until she got rid of it when I was nine years old. I was raised by my grandma, great aunt, and a German lady named Margaret. Insight #3 (a biggie):

Why I fell in love with an alcoholic. That's my dad two-fisted drinking there. Enough said, except I believe I have learned from my experience and hopefully won't be making that mistake again.
Sorry if this post is a little dark. I should note that most of these slides were of get-togethers of family, baseball games, family vacations, etc. and there were a lot of fun and happy times. I was 2 or 3 years old and don't really remember:

I can say that the reason I grew into a compassionate, loving, optimistic and happy person is because of this gal here, my mom:

I sure miss her!

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Talma said...

I miss her too. You are SO pretty in pink! Good ol Broadway Market,
Love the Leo story, tell Max bring the camera next time. Is BBQ still there?
Thank you so much for sending me my little queen, I cried when I saw the 3 little mermaids.