Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Love Me Some Olympics!

I have since I was a kid watching Olga Korbut and Dorothy Hamill. So last night I watched the opening ceremony which I thought was great except what was with the 70's and 80's pop and disco during the parade of athletes? I enjoyed it since I liked most of the songs that were played, but it just seemed out of place somehow.
So today I find myself with a cleared calendar since Leo still has poison oak all over and does not want to bowl. Hooray! (Not for Leo) This means I can pack all morning until 2pm and then watch the olympics. I wonder who will capture the hearts of the crowd this year. Will there be another Eddie the Eagle or Jamaican bobsled team? Tune in and find out!
Oh yeah, and what's with Pavarotti's eyebrows, they look like they are alive and about to crawl off his face.
PS Sophia Loren looked fabulous! And can anyone tell me why Susan Sarandon was helping carry the olympic flag?

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