Saturday, February 18, 2006

All New Cells For Cross Stitch!

I heard or read somewhere at some time that in seven years time all of our cells die and regenerate, meaning that seven years from now I will be a completely different person, cell-wise, than I am right now. If this is true then today I am a completely different person than I was seven years ago. Well this theory makes sense to me because--
I picked up my cross stitch today for the first time in eight years. I was a daily cross stitcher for probably fifteen years, from my early 20's until my divorce when I was 36. I enjoyed it and I was good at it, but cross stitch came to have a negative connotation to it right at the time of my divorce. I realized that most of the times I spent cross stitching were times when I was waiting for Dana to come in from the garage, or come home from work, or come to bed. I realized that cross stitch was a means of killing time and putting my life on hold while I was waiting for my husband to show up so I could resume my life. Once I made that realization I put the cross stitch down, vowing that I would have a life and not let it go by while I stitched.
Well now it's eight years later and my life now is very different. I don't wait around to live anymore, that's for sure! So I have been packing to move and I realized I don't have any books or other crafts in the house now, they are all in storage! And I have been watching the Olympics and I really need something else for my hands to do besides eat chocolate. So I went into the garage and found my cross stitch, just like I had left it 8 years ago. I was a little apprehensive about dredging up a bunch of old feelings or issues, but I started to stitch and there were no issues except that my vision is worse and that I probably need bifocals now! Then I remembered the thing about the cells in seven years, so my theory is that's why I could cross stitch now, just for fun when I have some free time in the evenings, not obsessively all the time because I had no life. I am not only a different person spiritually, but physically as well. Praise the Lord and Pass the Bifocals!

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