Saturday, February 04, 2006

Blossom is Annoying

Whenever she wants to be fed or to go outside she comes over to wherever I am sitting and digs her claws into my knee. Once she has my attention she will start walking over to either her food bowl or the door. I am expected to follow her and if I don't, I get another claw in the knee. Yesterday she reached up real high and clawed me in my stomach, now I have 4 little scratches on my stomach in the shape of her paw. She can't just sit by the door and meow like normal cats, oh no, she has to personally escort me. And then when I open the door she just sits there and looks out and doesn't even go! But that's ok with her because in the middle of the night she sits in my bedroom windowsill and meows until I get up out of a sound sleep to let her out of the window (which proves she understands about the meowing thing). And I had better not get back to sleep too soon, because in 20 minutes she will be hanging off the outside of the window making all kinds of racket until I let her back in. WHY DO I LOVE HER SO MUCH????


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