Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ralphs is Closing!

The last day is March 27th, but I don't think there will be anything left on the shelves by that time. All their refrigerated stuff is gone already, and I got some great prices on wrapping paper and those foil packs of spices that have names like Swedish Meatballs or Pot Roast.
Anyway...Ralphs has only been in that building for about 7 years. Before that, it was Alberstons; before that, Grocery Warehouse (I used to think I was funny calling it Grocery Whorehouse), and before that it was MONTE MART!!!
Beautiful Glorious Monte Mart--How I loved that store! It was way ahead of it's time back in the 60's, very much like a Super Wal-Mart or Super Target is today. It was a department store that had a full-on grocery section. It had a record section, jewelry, clothing, shoes, appliances, toys, and automotive as well. It was also the only thing within walking distance from my house, so as a kid walking to Monte Mart was a fun adventure, a place to buy Fruit Stripe Gum, Chinese Jumpropes, and 45's of the Ohio Players and Elton John.
One time when I was a teenager, my mom and my 7 year old niece Nichole and I were in the ladies clothing section looking through a big bin of panties. My mom held up this pair of crotchless panties way up in the air and practically yelled "What ARE these things? How do you put them on?" because she did not know that crotchless panties even existed, much less what they were used for. Nichole, world-wise at age 7, knew what they were and started howling with laughter and said, "Grandma, don't you know, they're crotchless panties! Ladies wear them!", to which my mother replied "What for? They don't have a crotch!". Nichole answered, "Grandma, they use them for sex!", after which I can't remember what happened because I had died of embarrassment by then.
Those were good times. Long Live Monte Mart!

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