Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Caught Up

I had big plans for today. Clean the house thoroughly, take stuff to the recycling place, go grocery shopping. However, none of that got accomplished. Here's what did get done:
1) An hourlong phone conversation with my best friend during which I attempted to get her to meet me in California in July for the Feast of Lanterns. This invitation goes out to all my other friends too.
2) Other long phone conversations with friends.
3) Knitting! Finished a washcloth and a baby sock which is the cutest little thing!
4) Watched TV. An hour of Heroes, 4 hours of Lost, Gone Country, Suze Orman, and some show that's like Extreme Home Makeover except it's a mobile home in a trailer park.
5) Took a nap.
So as you can see, I may not have gotten done what I wanted to get done, but I definitely got what I needed to get done, done.
OK I'm done.

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