Monday, March 09, 2009

The Last Line Is Sarcasm

I was young once. I remember it well. Actually most of my memories are hazy but the funny ones are more vivid. So anyway, when I was in Junior High, my friends and I would gather at my house after school, because there was no parental supervision to keep us from running amok. One of things we enjoyed was making prank phone calls. We did the typical stuff--"Is your refrigerator running?" "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?", it was silly fun. I kind of feel sorry for kids today, as the advent of caller ID has taken all the fun out of prank calls. I always felt like my kids would have been great prank callers, hilarious ones. During Max's middle school years, I felt sorry for the telemarketers who called us because he would turn it back on them in the most creative and funny ways. Once he told a telemarketer not to call anymore because his mother was passed out drunk on the couch and that she would beat him again if the phone woke her up. I know that as the parent I am supposed to give disapproving looks and lectures about that stuff, but as always I just laughed.

Now Leo is a ninth grader, the perfect prank calling age. When I got home from work today I found out that Leo made a prank call. A brilliant one, for two reasons:
1) He used someone else's cell phone.
2) He called the headquarters of the KKK and asked if he could join their club, and would it be a problem because he was black.

I cannot believe I high-fived my son for making a prank phone call. I'm a great mom.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Agreed. Caller ID is the worst...

Me and my friends called a friend and played a quote from Ace Ventura (very cool in february of 9th grade) from the computer...

Turns out she totally lost it, since she was home alone for a weekend for the first time. She called her parents and they called the cops, who traced it back to us. Ridiculous! Talk about white suburban freakout!

We were forced to go and apologize under duress for a prank phone call, which in and of itself is just insane. If not, he was going to sick the cops on us. Plus, it was the daughter of Joey's band teacher, ugh. So it was either apologize or Joey was done in band for high school probably.

I never had any respect for that guy, and it just made me hate the overreacting side of society and specifically rich, suburban parents.

High fives all around.

- jason

Shari said...

I love it! Yes, you're a great Mom!! :)