Saturday, February 10, 2007

An Undignified Dinner, Etc.

Today I took the boys with me to do some shopping, and one of the places we stopped at was Cassano's Import Foods. They make the best meatballs ever, so we picked some up, along with some marinara, bread, and a pack of pasta we had never tried before called pastichio. It is a Greek pasta usually used in the dish of the same name, which is kind of a lasagna-type dish. They are essentially hollow pasta straws. We liked the shape of them and thought we would just cook them and serve them on a plate with the sauce and meatballs.


We get our plates made and the first thing Max says is that the pastichio looks like slingshot rubber bands. This should have been our first clue, but no. We start eating, and quickly realize that getting this pasta into your mouth is quite a production, and a messy one at that. Did you know that you cannot suck a noodle into your mouth if it's hollow like a straw? We do now! That was the noisiest meal we ever ate. Finally, it became too much work to herd these noodles onto the forks, let alone into our mouths, so we just gave up and ate the wonderful meatballs and sauce on the delicious garlic bread I made. We should have done that all along! I hope I can get the pasta sauce stains off of our clothes, there are quite a few.

Max took a picture of his dinner plate with the camera on his new cell phone. We went to the
North Town Mall last night so I could get a pair of shoes and we came out with new cell phones and no shoes. But the good news is that we all have cameras on our cellphones now, which is a new thing for all of us. Max has this high tech phone, and he took a picture at the dinner table and beamed it to the internet on the spot. From his phone. I do not understand how wireless stuff like that works, it is totally beyond my comprehension. I think that someday we will be able to beam people around just like on Star Trek. Anyway, here is the picture, I think it is pretty good quality for being taken with a cell phone.

The fork looks small compared to the big pasta and meatballs. So the next time we go to Cassano's, we are getting a different shape of pasta for sure, hopefully less messy but just as much fun.

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