Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moving Forward.

I want to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of my brother. He was a big guy with a big heart and personality and his passing has left a gaping hole in our family.

That being said...

I found that I can be sad and still have life happen to the point where I want to comment about it. So here we go.

1) I really enjoy getting on the freeway going home after a trip to Fred Meyer. The freeway entrance is basically a hole in the fence and boom, you're on the freeway. It's fun in a car with good pickup.

2) On the way home from Fred Meyer the XM played "Take On Me" by A Ha. The boys and I were at a stoplight singing the falsetto part super loud and we look over and there is a guy in a truck laughing with us not at us I'm sure!

3)Who would buy this pacifier for their baby?

If you know, please don't tell me!

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