Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy First Week of Summer!

Sorry there hasn't been any posting this week. I just didn't think you wanted to hear things like I bought wardrobe boxes yesterday or I bubble wrapped all my artwork. The best thing that happened this week is that Steve came down from Spokane to pick up Sara's car that they left here when they moved 2 months ago. He is gone already. We had a fun visit yesterday which included dinner at a new asian buffet in Salinas (called Sakura in the Alvin Square center on North Main--FABULOUS!) and a trip to the Dollar Tree which was a riot as usual. My kids usually transform a trip to the Dollar Tree into a hilarious experience. Let's just say that if someone leaves an open bag of panty liners on a shelf and my kids come across it, that those panty liners are going to end up in strategic places all over the Dollar Tree. Oh how I wished I had the camera. Speaking of, I think I will be in the market for a new camera soon, any recommendations will be appreciated.
Anyway, yesterday's Dollar Tree excursion was the second one of the week. The first one was on Wednesday at the Seaside DT , with just myself and Max. We had more fun in that stupid toy aisle than should be allowed by law. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out for all the commotion we were causing. It's really like going to the Island of Misfit Toys there, one particular brand of dolls caught our eye, they are called Club Teen.

We think they should be called Clubbed Teens. All their little heads have been dismembered from their little bodies. They were so pathetic that I was compelled to bring two of them home with me, I have named them Mary Kate and Ashley.

So today is a typical summer day in Monterey (FOGGY AND COLD) and there is more packing and bubble wrapping to do, so see ya later!

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