Saturday, July 02, 2005

Steve and Mike are funny.

You have to understand. I have known Mike since kindergarten and Steve since 2nd grade. They are my chosen family and I love them as such. But they are big military weirdos. And they have always been this way. When we were in grade school and I would walk my dog Winnie down at the park, there they would be, staging their elaborate plans to dam up the creek. I mean, they had written plans. They were 8 years old! And they were always saying things like "aye aye captain".
Flash forward 35 years. Now Steve and his girlfriend rent out my garage and Mike rents out the shed in my backyard. Yes, I am a slumlord to my best friends, nobody seems to mind, in fact they like it. Anyway...when we all get together about once a week, the subject always eventually turns to war. Not necessarily the war we are in now, it could be any war. Maybe even a war the we didn't fight in. All this military talk spills over into their civilian talk. Like, when Mike puts some more beer into the cooler he says "I have reloaded the magazine, Captain". Mike's shed is referred to as The Command Module, so occasionally I will get a phone call like this--"We will be meeting in the command module for libations at 1800 hours, we have secured the perimeter and we will expect you for roll call, that is all" okaaayyy. These people have never been in the military except in their minds. And maybe it's a guy thing. But it cracks me up when they do that. So when I get the call I just say "aye aye, Commander" and then I report for duty.

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