Sunday, November 30, 2008

Linda and Erna, The Next Generation

I have lots of friends. Really good old friends. But only one can hold the official title of Best Friend. In my life, that person is Tami McGinley. She has a different last name now, but to me her last name will always be McGinley. She has been my Best Friend since we were nine years old. That's pretty impressive now that we are 47. And not only were we best friends, but our moms, Linda and Erna, were good friends too. Tami and I spent many a Saturday afternoon talking about David Cassidy in her bedroom while our moms were in the living room drinking Gin and Tonics and talking about whatever middle age ladies talked about back then. Needless to say, we know each others' life stories, the good and the bad. Tami lives in Maine, and with the three hour time difference we don't have the chance to talk that often, but today we were lucky and got to have a long conversation. Today's topic: We are turning into our moms. Seriously, we are. It's scary. Tami now wears reading glasses on a chain around her neck just like they did. And we both have an affinity for tacky Christmas decorations, just like they did. In fact, I decorated my little tacky tree while I was on the phone with her.

Tacky! I love it!

But here is the thing that made me realize that we are becoming Linda and Erna. She says this:
"So for $6.53 at Sam's Club, I bought a Video Fireplace for my TV!"
I started laughing because the emphasis was not on the video fireplace, it was that she got it for $6.53 at Sam's Club. That is SO our moms! My mom in particular loved a deal and for years she had a giant jar of maraschino cherries in her cupboard that she did not need and would never use, simply because she had gotten them on sale at Long's.
So for all the grief we gave our mothers and for all the grief they gave us, we are becoming them, the cruelest twist of all! You just know that they are up in heaven with their Gin and Tonics laughing and laughing about it.

Merry Christmas, Linda Jr.!

Love, Erna Jr.

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Jennifer said...

I am totally jealous of that Christmas tree! =)